Yahoo censors block comment, side with illegal alien supporters

When browsing Yahoo, I like many see the news stories. Many of the stories are by Associated Press writers. You know exactly what you are getting. At least some of us do.  Lately, I’ve decided to log in and voice my opinions. I would make my comments and log out. Yesterday, I thought I’d track my comments and replys. Many of my comments did not print. After repeated tries, I concluded the Yahoo censors do not like my comments. The pro-illegal alien comments are there, as are the racial epithets, but honest opinion and truth regarding the subject is blocked.      

I’ll start with the actual article written to garner sympathy for illegals. My commentary follows after. You decide.    



Attacks against Mexicans inflame tensions in NYC By CRISTIAN SALAZAR, Associated Press Writer Cristian Salazar, Associated Press Writer Mon Aug 16, 6:57 am ET    

NEW YORK – When Rodolfo Olmedo was dragged down by a group of men shouting anti-Mexican epithets and bashed over the head with a wooden stick on the street outside his home, he instinctively covered his face to keep from getting disfigured. Blood filled his mouth.   

“I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t because of the beating they were giving me,” said the 25-year-old baker. Nearly five months later, he is still taking pain medications for his head injuries. Recorded by a store’s surveillance camera, the assault was the first of 11 suspected anti-Hispanic bias attacks in a Staten Island neighborhood, re-igniting years-old tensions between blacks and Hispanics in New York City’s most remote borough.   

Residents of Port Richmond — where an influx of newcomers from Latin America over the past decade has transformed the community — alternately blame the attacks on the economy, unemployment and the debate over Arizona’s immigration law.   

And although most of the suspects were described as young black men and investigated for bias crimes, a grand jury has indicted only one of seven people arrested on a hate-crime charge.   

But Isaias Lozano, a day laborer, said he knows why he was attacked and robbed in December by “morenos” — the Spanish word he uses to describe his black neighbors.   

“They hate us because we’re Mexicans,” he said while sitting at El Centro del Inmigrante, a center for immigrant day workers. “They aren’t robbing just anybody.”   

Across the United States, the immigration debate plays out in suspicion of outsiders and sometimes escalates into violence. Port Richmond, tucked in a corner of New York City that most visitors never see, is wrestling with the perennial question of how people from different backgrounds can live together and get along.   

Some community leaders here blame the attacks on hoodlums preying on day laborers, who are perceived as easy targets because they often carry cash home from work. Others say the Arizona law is stirring up a climate of intolerance, even these thousands of miles away.   

“It’s a cascading effect,” said the Rev. Terry Troia, a board member of El Centro del Inmigrante. “There are negative impulses being put out there both nationally and locally. People on the fringe catch a piece of that, and they are acting on it.”   

Some of Port Richmond’s black residents assert that newcomers’ presence touches a nerve. Mike Mason, 47, a teacher who works in New Jersey, said the arrival of Mexican immigrants had changed the texture of the community. “America has got to do something as far as immigration goes,” he said. “In the morning you can see the streets lined with undocumented workers … That’s always in the back of people’s minds.”   

Staten Island is a relatively isolated, suburban-like borough of New York City. It is home to nearly 500,000 people, most of whom live in detached homes instead of apartments, need cars to get around and a ferry to get across New York Harbor to Manhattan.   

Between 2000 and 2008, the number of Hispanics living on the island grew roughly 40 percent, according to Census bureau statistics analyzed by City University of New York’s Latino Data Project, with much of that growth coming from the Mexican community.   

Many of those began to coalesce around the Port Richmond neighborhood, which had long been predominantly black and low-income. The neighborhood’s main commercial thoroughfare, once marked by empty storefronts, suddenly came alive with Mexican businesses selling pinatas, bars playing Spanish-language heavy metal, and grocers stocking chilies and tomatillos. The neighborhood developed a new nickname: “Little Mexico.”   

Mexicans soon began reporting that they were attacked by their black neighbors.   

One organization documented 21 assaults against day laborers one summer in 2003. When a day laborer was viciously stabbed and killed two years later, neighbors quickly blamed the black community, until reputed Latin Kings gang members were charged with the man’s death.   

In recent months, police have deployed additional foot and mounted patrols, a command post and Mexican-born officers to distribute bilingual fliers with safety tips. The FBI joined in creating a task force to look into civil rights abuses in the neighborhood. Residents have aired grievances at numerous town hall meetings.   

On a recent summer day, Nicomedes Rocha said she was afraid of being targeted by blacks while walking on the street. “I have to watch on both sides,” said the 33-year-old dishwasher at a local taqueria, who was on her way to work carrying a shoulder bag. “They think I carry money.”   

But some black residents said it was wrong to talk about bias as the main motive for the attacks. David Johnson, an amateur boxer who has lived in the neighborhood for seven years, blamed the incidents on drug addicts looking to rob people for cash to feed their habits. “They would do that to anybody,” he said. “To jump toward bias issues is out of whack.”   

Rodolfo Olmedo was beaten and robbed of his cell phone and wallet on April 5. Four suspects have been arrested and charged; police investigated it as a bias crime, but a grand jury indicted the suspects only on robbery and gang assault charges.   

William Smith, a spokesman for the Staten Island district attorney’s office, said the attack on Olmedo was retaliatory. The suspects, he said, believed Olmedo had been involved in an earlier altercation. Olmedo, who was hospitalized for five days and was briefly in a coma, contends he was targeted because of his ethnicity, not because he had been involved in a related incident or because the suspects wanted to steal his belongings.   

After all, Olmedo said, they didn’t take an expensive watch that he was wearing.   

“It was,” he said in Spanish, “a hate crime.”   

Associated Press Writers Ana Azpurua and Colleen Long contributed to this report..     



Pure liberal junk writing. It actually took three people to write this?    

Here’s my posting that was not excepted by Yahoo:   

“Where an influx of newcomers from Latin America over the past decade has transformed the community — alternately blame the attacks on the economy, unemployment and the debate over Arizona’s immigration law.” When I saw the writer was Salazar, I knew what to expect.   

The illegal alien racist invasion has pushed Americans out of their neighborhoods and workplaces.  They are not newcomers, they are illegal aliens, law breakers, who have no respect for this country or it’s people.
Racist Mexicans are indiscriminately targeting Blacks and Whites who aren’t even involved in gang culture, as part of an orchestrated ethnic cleansing program that is forcing all races to flee Southern California. The culprit of the carnage is the radical Neo-Nazi liberation theology known as La Raza, which calls for the extermination of all races in America besides Latinos, and is being bankrolled by some of the biggest Globalists in the U.S., and one of the reasons I will never, ever buy, or ride in any Ford Motor Company product (proud sponsor of the National Council of La Raza).
A story carried on the website Alternet, charts an explosion in brutal murders of Blacks by Hispanic street gangs in L.A. Far from being gang on gang violence, the Latinos are targeting innocent Blacks in accordance with a concerted ethnic cleansing campaign that seeks to eradicate all races from Hispanic neighborhoods.
The LAPD estimates there are now 28,000 Latino gang members in the city of Los Angeles alone. That’s not only more than all the Crips and the Bloods; it’s more than all Black, Asian, and White gang members combined. Almost all of those Latino gang members in L.A. – let alone those in other California cities – are loyal to the Mexican Mafia.
Most have been thoroughly indoctrinated with the Mexican Mafia’s violent racism where most gangs are racially based.  Salazar would never reveal the long standing Aztlan invasion agenda.
Aztlan’s goal, known as La reconquista, is to cede and take over the entire southern and western Unites States by any means necessary,  and impose a Communist militant dictatorship.
Despite the fact that many Americans of all races oppose this tsunami of illegal aliens, Aztlan and La Raza race hate groups have become the voice for a separatist movement that threatens a violent overthrow of the Constitutional system and a barbaric program of ethnic cleansing.
This is held up by the media as ‘diversity’ and to vociferously oppose it is scorned as racism.
Aztlan and Mecha groups advocate killing all Whites and Blacks and driving them out of the southern states by means of brutal ethnic cleansing. Flags and placards carried at marches depict White people having their heads cut off.
Americans who protest such groups are then attacked by the liberal media with their anchor baby infiltrators and labeled as racists.
How about the violent protests on May 1st by hordes marching under Mexican flags, many of who were illegal aliens, as a “day without gringos.” Imagine what the reaction would be if White middle class Americans marched in their millions and called the event “a day without Blacks?”
The media and their anchor babies continues to run defense for this violent militant movement that seeks nothing less than the eradication of Blacks and Whites through ethnic cleansing and the takeover of the southern and western states. This is a separatist tribunal that has over 30,000 ruthless gang members at its disposal once the call for mobilization is made, along with millions of illegal aliens continuing to pour across our southern border.
These attacks are nothing compared to the approaching war brought to us by an arrogant, lawless invader who has spat on our flag, and disregards the very fabric of this nation.
With Black and White soldiers returning from combat theaters, and numbers of American men waiting impatiently for the call, it is a war they have no chance of winning.
Not on this soil. These attacks pale in comparison to what Mexicans are doing to Central American illegal aliens who cross Mexico while attempting to get to the U.S.

The Central Americans are lucky if deportation is all they face. The assaults and rapes are the most heinous crimes against these illegal aliens, and the same would be committed against Americans if they were to pour into Mexican neighborhoods illegally.

Americans are sick of biased racial reporting that paints the illegal alien invader as the victim. Nothing could be farther from the truth. 

  1. Yahoo censors will not allow me to even post anymore because my messages are not consistent with their mainstream broadcasting. Like communism and pravda. Scary, huh?

    1. Thank you for the commentary. My apologies for the late response. Scary for them I would imagine. Americans are indeed waking up to the globalist multicultural androgynous middle-class university-think left-wing pricks like those who work at Yahoo…

  2. I’ve encountered yahoo censorship as well. They seem to like racist comments from conservatives and because it makes them look bad, Yahoo will allow those posts. But Yahoo doesn’t like intelligent, thought provoking posts from conservatives. I believe these AP writers take note of regular conservative commenters who receive lots of feedback. The ones they block are the ones that do a good job of exposing the liberal agenda for what it is.

    After a period awhile back of regularly posting comments on commentaries and news articles that were political in nature, Yahoo stopped posting my comments just like that. I knew then I had angered these liberal writers who I wholeheartedly believe monitor the reaction of their news stories and commentaries. These people are as vain as anyone else who check back to see how their comments are received. The thing is, I know this biased censorship is illegal because if the media can convince it’s readers– who read the comments that make it through–that all or even most conservatives are racist kkk loving people, it can revolutionize public opinion against us.

    By the way, after being blocked for awhile, I stopped posting for a month. Then I came back recently, and once more began posting regularly. Same thing as before. Now, once again, my comments are being blocked. However, there is a nice solution for us conservatives who would like to see Yahoo change it’s tune. If one by one we form an alliance and begin to go on over to MSN or another of their rivals and stop using Yahoo altogether, I’m betting there are more of us conservatives than there are of those Acorn practicing liberals. By Acorn, I am alluding to the liberal tactic of creating illusion that they are in the majority by using illegal means. I realize for some of us, that means breaking off a long but increasingly uncomfortable relationship with Yahoo in the form of email, home page, etc. Yahoo users are usually long term loyalists. I’ve stayed with Yahoo for over 10 years now, but it may now be time for change. Is there anyone else out there who has the guts and the fortitude to pack up and leave, thereby sending Yahoo a very pointed message?

    1. I can’t disagree with anything you’ve said here. I sort of go a little cocky since its been a long time I’ve attemtped to comment. I presented my comments, and they did not post. They must be lying in wait, ready to censor anything that comes from me. That’s it. I’m done. I will just blog my comments from here on in…

  3. I too have been blocked by Yahoo when I posted a list of free entitlements that wellfare/Section 8 and illegals receive. I also listed all the government bidding waste and was cut off that day. Have not been able to post or open Yahoo news in over 6 months. I complained to customer service and never heard back. Here is the comment I made that got sensored:

    Tell Obama if he wants to cut the budge, Cut WELFARE! The ones living next door to me and lowering my neighborhood value is getting $1200/mo rent, $600/mo food stamps, WIC, Free Breakfast & Lunch, cell phones, utilities, and lets not forget up to $1000 to fix their cars and free healthcare from Medicaid. They claim they are working when having children. It’s her turn to support the family. There are 14 people living in the 4 bedroom home which consists of 3 families of which two should not be there. The house is the trash center of the neighborhood. They need to limit how many homes in a city can qualify for Section 8. Stop the bleeding of the working american people. They allow minorities to come here and right away they sit them down and put them on welfare. If they can not support themselves when they come here, then I guess we should not let them in. Shut down the borders. Stop putting everyone who did not pay into social security on it like Obama’s Aunt. We know someone who came to the US when her daughter was 5. The daughter is disabled and is now 21 and has been getting social security/medicare since she was 5. How is that fair to those of us who put into it. A illegal is collecting our dues. Social Security is not a entitlement. It was created as a savings program for the working American and the politians have been stealing from it. Put congress on our Social Security and watch how fast it no longer would be dipped into. Why does congress get to have their own program and steal from ours.

    If Ohio can tell women when they can have abortions, then they can tell welfare that they need to have the birth control implant or no government check.

    They allow minorities to come here and right away they sit them down and put them on welfare. If they can not support themselves when they come here, then I guess we should not let them in. Shut down the borders. Stop putting everyone who did not pay into social security on it like Obama’s Aunt. We know someone who came to the US when her daughter was 5. The daughter is disabled and is now 21 and has been getting social security/medicare since she was 5. How is that fair to those of us who put into it. A illegal is collecting our dues. Social Security is not a entitlement. It was created as a savings program for the working American and the politians have been stealing from it. SS Disability was for the working american who put into the program, not for illegals and all the disabled children that are on it. They can go on welfare and collect medicaid and leave our savings/retirment program alone. Put congress on our Social Security and watch how fast it no longer would be dipped into. Why does congress get to have their own program and steal from ours. Why does congress get such a hefty retirement plan. Even serving one terms qualifies them for millions.

    There is a bid for approx $40,000 in artwork on fedbizopps for one of the government military bases in Washington State. They are looking for 76 pieces of artwork. Gee Do you think there are places that the government budget can be cut? We are watching every penny and they can not even look at bare walls until the economy changes but Obama wants to steal from our Social Security. He already stole $500B from it for Obama care.

    Stop the abuse of Medicaid and that will cut some of the budget. My mom just ran into a local nurse in the park and she said one women this yr has already had 45 x-rays and 14 MRI & CT’s. She is going from hospital to hospital trying to get prescription drugs and the hospitals have to run all these unnecessary procedures that are costing the hard working taxpayers.

    The VA Hospitals are sending most of their business to Disabled Veteran owned businesses. I sell medical and can not get any contracts as a small 100% owned business. Contruction companies and temp agencies are selling medical products to the government under this program because they can get it set aside by their buddies in the VA offices. They are paying list price and marking it up and the VA is buying it. You want to cut the budget…look at your own departments and see what scams they are getting away with. There is a bid for approx $40,000 in artwork on fedbizopps for one of the government military bases in Washington State. They are looking for 76 pieces of artwork. Gee Do you think there are places that the government budget can be cut? We are watching every penny and they can not even look at bare walls until the economy changes but they want to steal from our Social Security. Just go to fedbizopps and see what the government has bids out there for.

    Our government needs to cut Welfare and their own spending. Like Michelle traveling all over with the kids for the summer. States should have garage sales like California did when Schwarzenegger was in office. He made millions for his state. When new politions come into office they each get to re-do their offices. Let them keep the current decor. If it isn’t falling apart then they can still use it. Look it Obama with his overdone car when he got in and Michelle also redid the White House. The Clintons stole antique furniture…make them bring it back. But that is all they know how to do….Steal from the american people in every way they can.

    I see government waste all day long and am sick and tired of it. Ever since Obama got in, it has been at its worst. Social Security for our retired don’t get a raise but welfare gets a raise on food stamps. The American people are not stupid and are waking up. Cut the social programs that are actually ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS….Welfare/Section 8 and tell Obama that Social Security is not a entitlement.

    I have always lived within my means. Sad that the only ones that live over their means are usually Welfare and our Government, but that is because the hard working american is supporting them.

    1. I can’t disagree with anything you’ve said. We are in a fight for the survival of this country. Yahoo is complicit. I surmise they’ve blacklisted me.
      When these I cal AINOs (Americans in name only) side with those who have unconditional loyalty to Mexico first, then we have a very serious problem. And we are going to have to address it before it gets completely out of hand. The majority of Americans are distracted and unaffected becuase they live in gated communities. Even on this site, the issue is swept under the rug while topics ranging from baking cakes to buying Christmas presents for pets seem to get the attention. Thank you for responding, and keep in touch.

  4. Cherokeegirl and Fretsward,

    Let’s hope more conservative people will find this site and speak up. I would love to see how many out there are truly sick of Yahoo and the liberal media censoring our comments to make liberals to appear to be the majority in this nation. I strongly suspect it’s not so, but unless conservatives stop doing business and affiliating with all liberal based companies, just letting out steam and complaining is not going to be enough. I would absolutely love it if there was a conservative internet provider out there that could offer everything Yahoo, MSN, and AOL has to offer. I’ve often thought that Fox news should venture out in this area, giving readers the ability to create their own home page and be able to freely comment on their news articles while liberals experience the spite of censorship.

    1. I saw stats that suggested 53% have an unfavorable opinion of Yahoo. My concern is the liberal so-called impartiality offered by so-called journalists
      such as Liz Goodwin, who is an anti-American, pro-illegal alien globalist university-think liberal who suffers the Bay Area hallucinations. They offer opinion guised as news and steer commentary and censor those who go against the bias and liberal slant. Although I’ve been using Yahoo email for years, I am persona non grata when it comes to chiming in on their ridiculous collaboration with like-minded stooge sources such as the Ass Press. I’ve attempted to call them on the misleading headlines that magically change to a second headline when clicking the link. And another thing is the blatant racism against black Americans. Liberal hypocrites will feign diversity, but Yahoo’s racism is unbelievable, and the racial comments that are allowed in their anti-black propaganda is deplorable, yet I’m censored for being an adult with an opposite opinion that’s obviously a threat to them. My initial thought was that Fox would be an alternative. However, being owned by the Saudis appears as 2-card Monty. And I’ve yet to see a true conservative host. I haven’t watched any broadcasts news this year. I read CNSNews, listen religiously to Mark Levin, etc. I’m currently working on a project, and I know of other conservatives that are working to offer an alternative to having to place your trust in the duplicitous. Thanks for responding and keep in touch.

  5. I can no longer comment. I think that Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, and all of the other ‘stars’ they push daily are a diversion to keep people from the truth. Joile was posing on the red carpet and by her left hand the slogan for the Council on Foreign Relations was printed on the wall. She is a CFR member and if you know what the CFR is, you have to wonder why a celebrity is in this globalist group.
    Yahoo encourages lewd, racist and idiotic comments. They love anti-Jewish comments.
    They also screw around while you are attempting to write a comment. I have been kicked off to another page and my computer screen jumps around. I do not like them having control over my computer. There’s nowhere to go. It’s only going to get worse, sorry to say.
    I’m done with them and will only use them for email.

    1. Thanks for responding. I can no longer comment, but I will make all of my comments to their ridiculous opinion steering here on this blog. I agree with all you’ve mentioned. However, the manipulation of the computer is pretty dirty if you ask me. I will look into it. I tend to have to refresh, and more times than not, the system does not respond. I believe an alternative is closer than any of us had imagined. There are scores who are fed up with the liberal globalist prick mentality.

  6. Heya i am for the primary time here. I found this board and I find
    It really useful & it helped me out much. I hope to present one thing again and help others such as you aided me.

  7. I have had the misfortune of spending most of my life in the Southwestern USA. The latinos have absolutely taken over. I was ran out of my home after years of being victim of their gangs, criminals stealing everything out of my yard, garage and sheds, putting up with drive-by shootings, having my mail stolen, had to sit through countless nights of their all-nighter mariachi parties, I was refused jobs because I do not speak spanish, I was ran out of stores, my children were forced to be in spanish classes at a young age because 95 percent of the kids in the elementary school do not speak english, the sheriff deputies did absolutely NOTHING when I filed report after report against people who robbed and attacked me and my family. I watched for years as the mexican sows piled high their grocery carts and paid for their steaks with food stamps while I bought ramen noodles for my kids who were skinny as rails. I saw mexicans fill up the clinics while my children were refused care even in those state-run dumps that say they turn no-one away. My two sons are now young adults. ANd they have a huge HATRED towards Mexicans due to all the abuse we have suffered at their hands. My children also distrust the government and the law because the government kept us as poor and hungry as peons as I worked at minimum wage, yet they fed, fattened, pampered the hispanic illegals. the sheriff deputies turned a blind eye to the crime that is blatant in any neighborhood with a mexican majority. And yes, Yahoo censored me and finally shut down my email account altogether, because I do not drink the kool-aid, because I will not be hypnotized into saying yes yes all the mexicans are so good, and Osama our warlord is so good. FAIL, USA, FAIL!

    1. Thank you for your comments. You know, as do many Americans, what you have to do.

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