Hispanic Custodians On Auraria Campus Claim Discrimination














A group of Hispanic custodians at the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver are claiming they are victims of discrimination.

They’ve filed a complaint against the campus operator that could be reviewed by a federal judge.

“Too many things have happened to me there that I don’t even know how to explain it,” said Auraria custodian Bertha Ribota.

Ribota said she was injured at work because she couldn’t read a warning sign that was in English. “If I could speak English I wouldn’t have the problems that exist,” said Ribota.

Last week 12 custodians from the Auraria Campus filed an EEOC complaint against the Auraria Higher Education Center, which is the organization that maintains the campus for Metro State University of Denver, the Community College of Denver and the University of Colorado Denver.

The complaint accused the campus of purposely leaving employees that only speak Spanish in the dark on the terms and conditions of their employment, changes in their working status, safety and more.

“What is sort of a neutral business practice, that they speak English on campus and it’s an English-only campus has a discriminatory impact on this group of workers,” said attorney Tim Markham.

Are we kidding here? They come to this country illegally without fear of consequences. And when they get here, they blame Americans for their lack of common sense. With La Raza leading the charge, its the typical us versus them subterfuge.

Denver is a sanctuary city full to the rafters with progressive liberal university-think morons who are to some extent responsible for the mess this country finds itself in by harboring and codifying invaders.

They’re calling audibles whispered from the La Raza playbook in backroom meetings. Cecilia Munoz, VP of the National Council of La Raza, and current Director of Intergovernmental Affairs in the Executive Branch controls the dialogue, the lingo and provides the opposing team an advantage against American citizens. She is one of the chief cogs in the rickety wheel and makes certain this assault will lack open discussion rather than crippling euphemisms while illegal alien swarms continue their march into the country.

Another reason there’s no debate concerning the tens of millions of illegal aliens pouring into the country during the last 30 years is that liberal politically correct pricks who expound on illegal entry repackaged as immigration harbor the affectionate illusion that these arrogant criminals who have nothing to fear will assimilate—that is, learn the English language, adopt American values, live amongst American citizens as if normal, do the work Americans won’t do (at those wages), and conduct themselves like American citizens.

This is what true immigrants who came through Ellis Island did. They aspired to become Americans. It is not happening today. The hordes here today are illegal aliens. They will pour into the U.S. this year as they have every year – a minimum 6 million as per the low figures explained on the Border Patrol Website – enough to fill 44,000 Boeing 737-700 airliners, or 120 flights every day for an entire year.

They protest and make arrogant demands to be rewarded with citizenship. They are not behaving the way liberal politically correct pricks in sanctuary cities such as Denver—lawmakers, anchor baby politicians who think Mexico first deemed American citizens the enemy and instead listened to them—anticipated.

And thanks to this liberal stupidity infesting every city, our nation now sports quaint multicultural customs such as rapto, kidnapping, child marriage, female genital mutilation, alien religions, and criminal trespassers demonstrating feigned rights to litigate because instruction in Spanish are not provided to make it easy for them to take food from the tables of American citizens. Many in the workplace were outraged that English, which has been the national language for over 200 years, was not satisfactory for lawless people deemed immigrants. The majority of Americans saw this primarily as an attack on our language and culture. Language is the major bond that holds any nation together and distinguishes it from other nations just as it does in Mexico. It is also the easiest for lawful immigrants to adopt in the process of assimilation. However, some twenty plus years ago, pro-Mexican groups advocated for the inundation of those of Mexican birth to keep their language, because by their reasoning without the Spanish language they would lose their culture. They did not want young Latinos to speak English only; fearful they would assimilate towards a white American way of life and relinquish their Mexican roots.

Heavily influencing illegal aliens is the National Council of La Raza, meaning “The Race.” Not only did this racist entity want to keep its Mexican civilization, but they also desired to take back the lands they declare belonged to their ancestors. Feeling devastated by European descended Americans, La Raza helped raise support within the Latino community as well as commiseration from liberals to endorse the idea that America should make Spanish its second language equal to English. As result of the awareness raised by La Raza and other racist Latino organizations, American universities in the 90s began to perform multicultural studies, concerning effectual business marketing exclusively to Mexicans. What was discovered, according to reports, was that if companies represented their products in Spanish, Latinos would be more apt to purchase them. The researchers felt this would evoke an emotional response from Latino consumers, fashioned by an implicit feeling of cultural compassion by the manufacturer – at least until Latinos were promoted to management positions. Essentially, these consumers would feel a sense of pride to purchase products with Spanish labels right next to English labels, because they were alleged to assume the manufacturer put the Mexican culture on par with the white America they detest. Most of us began to notice the Spanish labeling on the products we placed in our shopping carts by 2005. It had occurred early in test markets in cities with satiated Latino populations such as Los Angeles, but for the main event this was the year it slapped our faces. Initially, it was the occasional product offering. Now, nearly all grocery products and a growing number of consumer products have Spanish language printed on them.

Within a short period of time after grocery items received the new labeling, it spread rapidly to other areas. Consumers began noticing Spanish-language advertising inserts in newspapers, magazines, phone books and companies such as Best Buy had entire sales brochures printed in Spanish.  And after that it spread to retail store aisle signs, shelf labeling, fast food menus and billboards. In fact the pandering obsession has become so unashamed that virtually every major business, bank, insurance company or government agency now has Spanish-language printed on various types of forms. Besides labeling, the outbreak of activity then spread to television advertising, of which were restricted to Spanish-speaking television stations. Today, in areas such Los Angeles, American citizens will be treated as if it a privilege to watch commercials for their favorite fast food peddlers in Spanish, from the English-speaking show they had tuned in to. The ultimate low for the country was seeing Spanish-language commercials during the Super Bowl. I had become livid, and had to change the station. This madness has got to stop. Will Americans have to experience seeing street signs in Spanish?  Will government mandate that future students be required to learn Spanish?  We must fight to make certain this does not come to fruition. Thanks to anchor baby infiltrators, illegal aliens will never adopt the language of this country. Americans are who must adapt. They will never assimilate. All one has to do is go shopping. It’s pretty clear they are not assimilating and have given the middle finger to ESL programs and the billions American taxpayers have to fork out. Spanish to them is the superior language.

In Los Angeles, language enclaves have developed precisely because of substantial lawlessness, deliberate theft and fraud.

Trying to pull real world estimates as to what this pandering to invaders costs Americans each year is akin to finding fur on a fish. Out of the 12 major U.S. food manufacturers, all are silent and decline to provide data or figures as to what their companies spend on advertising in Spanish. Their typical response is to guard proprietary information, which is held in reserve. In 2005, advocate groups pushing for Spanish labeling and advertising estimated the cost to be between $17 to 19 billion per year during the first 3 years, with figures doubling every 4 to 5 years thereafter, until a stasis point was reached by 2020. Therefore it’s safe to say that businesses spent $27 to 31 billion dollars last year alone on Spanish-language labeling and advertising. Coupled with this estimate, but not included is the cost of Spanish forms used by our hospitals, government agencies, schools, insurance companies, large businesses, and our voting precincts. This figure has been estimated at costing an additional $18 plus billion per year, with some pushing $21 billion. These figures are astounding, but when tallied will cost roughly $36 to 48 billion dollars this year alone. Now, in a perfect world, the corporations that desire to partake in such schemes would absorb these costs. However, this is as far from reality as owning property on the Moon.  In the real deceitful world of the pander-fest, this cost is passed on to you and me, the end customer, by increasing prices. Unfortunately nothing is free, cheap labor is not cheap, even if it is something the overwhelming majority of Americans are vehemently against. As for the real cost, this will blow you away:  The figure equates from $29,857.69 to $40,476.92 spent for each Spanish speaker this year alone. This is more money than many of these families will make in a year, let alone need just so they can read the ingredients on a bag of chips they are not going to buy anyway. Consider this: There are equivalent scopes of blind and illiterate people in this country, yet they don’t receive this same special treatment and codifying.

The National Council of La Raza continually fights against English as the official language of the country, thereby resolute attempts at lessening, dominance and primacy of English in American life and culture. They claim modern America as multilingual. However, there seems to be only two. Go anywhere – your choice will either be English or Spanish. Signs in Spanish are everywhere. The overwhelming numbers of illegal aliens is the reason for the explosion of Spanish in America, due to reprehensible forces working behind the scenes. When one considers the data, and realizes that hardworking American citizens have and are being fleeced, it makes one speculate if there is not a more sinister scheme at hand. Why in the hell else would advertisers spend billions to reach such a faction of people?  The answer is a bit of a double-sided sword, thrust into the backs of Americans. The large mega conglomerate corporations have no loyalty to America. While they may own numerous familiar brand names that we grew up with and despite the fact they are based on American soil, loyalty is only to money. It’s all about money and market share. Therefore they love the idea of poignant emotions of Latinos for a quick sale. While the Latino holds their newly acquired product high, with a sense of pride and deference to their ancestor’s culture, the corporate monster laughs all the way to the bank. While the inward thrust of this sword is horrific, it’s the pullback that does the most damage. Early on, many of these pro-Latino culture groups hid their true intentions, by disguising them behind the mantra of “our language is a part of our culture.” However painless, many of their true intentions are rooted in a deep resentment towards Americans of European pedigree and the land they settled. After the United States had acquired the land that comprises the lower 48, Mexicans swore to someday take back by force if necessary the land they used to clutch.

La Raza deliberately encourages Mexican nationals to illegally cross our borders by the millions and have petitioned spineless U.S. lawmakers to relax border patrol measures and insist we reform our laws to accommodate them. It doesn’t hurt to have a DHS Secretary who’d rather play Mexican tourism ambassador than enforcing the laws to protect American citizens. Illegal alien communities have become so outsized and insular that greater numbers of them find no need to learn to speak English. Indeed, it all points to the whole problem with this tsunami that has brought in way too many people way too fast. When this isolationist demographic can have its own language – and customs and values – welcomed by equally large numbers of people like them from the same country who have entered years prior in a never-ending cycle, why is this being forced on the American people? They don’t have to assimilate. And when taking a drive through Los Angeles and seeing Spanish only on businesses and store fronts – you’d have to be a moron or liberal fool to think they’d want to assimilate. Instead, they are forming their own cities, communities and enclaves. Their political reps, Spanish-language media and agitators have fed them the B.S. that surrounding societies and the country have to assimilate to them. Add to the pot that intended weakening and sabotage of social disciplines in American culture over the last 30 years and what sinks to the bottom is not only Latinos dismissing assimilation, but disintegration of what is considered American culture – and eventually our nation’s political bonds. The infiltrations of our institutions by La Raza and the usual Latino suspect organizations, have abused birthright citizenship, claimed it a civil right to come here, and have pushed for laws to render dissent as discrimination, hate-speech, inhumane, and have suggested to us that we cannot use the words illegal aliens to describe them. Similar pea-brained notions we expect from those imbued with the Mexican mindset have made it nearly impossible for American citizens to make sure that our mores, language, and borders are respected and adhered to.

The Reconquista philosophy is detailed in El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan. Their ideas of culture, society, education, and community are devoted to the concept: “For the very young there will no longer be acts of juvenile delinquency, but revolutionary acts, and “El Plan de Aztlan is the plan of liberation.” This plan has allowed a surge in the escalation of Mexican and Chicano studies programs, and some school districts have allowed teachers of these programs command American students to recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance in order to graduate. They constantly seek avenues for illegal alien parents to instill in their youngsters the parents’ loyalty to Mexico’s culture and traditions, while keeping them from total assimilation into U.S. culture. The offspring of true immigrants who came through Ellis Island were not forced to learn the traditions and culture of the countries they abandoned to become Americans.

An even better way to learn it is for illegal aliens to take their anchor babies back to Mexico and teach them there.

But with the Spanish-language chaos descending on schools, state and federal governments, economies, city life, Super Bowl commercials, and culture of the nation means is that there is ridiculously light-years disparity in spines to pressure them to assimilate at all, and thanks to La Raza, Americans are increasingly being forced to adapt themselves to what La Raza and illegal aliens prefer. Many of us are looking for masculine American leaders to show up (rough men like the soldiers who deploy to the bad lands, risk and do in fact sacrifice their lives for this country), tell the sycophants in the Mexican government and Consulates to shut the hell up; order La Raza and it’s tentacles of hate entities to cease and desist; stop corporations such as Ford Motor Co. from funding the invasion; hold the complicit media pricks responsible; make English the official language and law; stop millions coming in their third trimesters from dropping an anchor and having the temerity to claim as American; and stop in it’s tracks the barefaced suggestion that illegal aliens are immigrants, we must reform our laws to accommodate them and their massive scuttle to this country by the millions to demand we legalize and reward them with citizenship they are not even remotely close to having earned.

To them, no compromise can be made. They will continue to enter our country illegally, demand we provide them the interpretation in their language to do the work Americans won’t do (at that wage). For these people, English is to be only a means of communicating with people who are not Latino…