Judiciary Committee takes up immigration bill: Tra8tors

AINOs (Americans in name only)

Associated Press- AINOs (Americans in name only)

Well, I’m back. As many of you know, Yahoo is where I hold my nose and retrieve my emails. Their so-called Ass-Press dominated news section is saturated with opinion steering in regards to the illegal alien invasion repackaged by the National Council of La Raza as immigration. The liberal censors at Yahoo deleted my comments.


If you read some of the comments, you will conclude why I am perplexed at how they would censor me. All I ever wanted is to exercise my right to free speech. So what if it goes against the grain? I’ll ask you to be the judge.

My censored comment:

Why does this nation have immigration laws in the first place? For the sole protection and benefit of the American citizen —as well as those who legally follow our laws and aspire to want to become Americans, abide by the rules and actually earn their citizenship —not for the benefit of people who enter illegally, demand citizenship or driver licenses, tell us we should speak their language instead, use every loophole to fraud taxpayers, and blatantly make a mockery of our 14th Amendment by stealing citizenship.

With the National Council of La Raza, the government of Mexico, anchor babies and those who have entered the country illegally generations before and have infiltrated our political sphere, now tens of millions of anti-American fanatics who are such a menace without complicity of the globalist multicultural androgynous liberal university-think left-wing media pricks who are all too eager to reject testosterone, want to suppress free speech, and opposite opinion by misrepresenting them as bigotry and racism.

This treason and the meddling from La Raza has gone far past its use-by-date. The media’s reputation for impartial news reporting has been destroyed by political correctness, misleading headlines, and thought steering. Telling the truth is no longer sacred. It’s now seen as something to be navigated around with euphemisms as in the case of tens of millions of illegal aliens who they  keep referring to as immigrants. Dissenters are simply dismissed with crude slanders like “far right,” “nativists,””Republican,” “TEA Party,” or “racists” when it comes to any opposing political views they disapprove of.

Political, celebrity and media cowards feign to be elitists who hold the higher moral ground treat concerned Americans as if we are the problem —a problem to be circumvented with sophistry and pious promises about border security, the scam that their families will be split apart, the outright lies regarding the true numbers of illegal aliens, the enormous cost and burden imposed on us, that illegal aliens are the only hard workers and the arrogant pretense that it is normal for criminals to protest in our streets to demand citizenship while waving their flags.

As this Gang of Tra8tors with La Raza’s Munoz, and those who think Mexico first acting as counsel, they’ll keep regurgitating their sham snake-oil sales pitch —just remember that all of our concerns are unfounded. Unlike the seven previous scamnesties, this will not grow the welfare state; it will not cost taxpayers $4 trillion each year; it will not affect wages; it will not allow the continued stream of generations of families to come here; it will not increase hit-and-runs; it will not kill, rape and maim American citizens; it will not crowd our schools; it will not bankrupt cities; it will not suggest we press “1” for English; it will not close hospitals; it will not threaten us with an illegal illegitimate voting bloc; it will not bring back diseases we eradicated; it will not vociferously make demands or protest in the streets; it will not rely on MALDEF finding loopholes to drive Mexican citizens through; 50 Mexican Consulates or pictographs provided by the Mexican government, nor a network of isolationist hate entities; it will not change the demographics of the country.

Most importantly, it will finally ensure that we enforce our laws before tens of millions of people who have not earned it are granted amnesty by equally  nefarious people who don’t have the right to do so…