Michelle Obama Scolds Gabby Douglas for Eating an Egg McMuffin

Olympic Medalist Gabby Douglas, and First Lady Michelle Obama are on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The headlines grab my attention. My thought was, “she what? I browsed YouTube to see the interview.

Jay Leno says, “Gabby after you won your gold medal, how did you celebrate? What did you do?”

DOUGLAS: After the competition, I splurged on a Egg McMuffin…

LENO: Egg McMuffin!

DOUGLAS: …at McDonald’s. (laughter)

OBAMA: Gabby, we don’t…

LENO: Egg McMuffin!

OBAMA: … don’t encourage him! I’m sure it was on…

DOUGLAS: A salad. (laughs)

OBAMA: …a whole wheat McMuffin.

LENO: On a whole wheat bun.

OBAMA: Yeah!

LENO: So what was…

OBAMA: You’re setting me back, Gabby.


I then clicked on Newsbusters, read the story, then started reading the comments. Obama was referred to as an ape, monkey, and some of the most disgusting comparisons to some insider’s reference to some African tribal woman. I was surprised to see the kind of racial commentary on Newsbusters. So, I thought I’d chime in. However, the moderator censored my comment. Okay, I will no longer comment on their site. The comment was not in defense of the First Lady. It was directed at the racists who were having a great time disparaging Michelle Obama. 

Here’s my censored comment:

I don’t like this current administration or the Obama’s any more than many of you who are posting vile pap. However, racist epithets are considered an underlying mental illness, perhaps even pathologic. What if we try to classify the demonstrated beliefs as representing some other form of psychological illness? For example, let’s try to call them “overvalued ideas,”or logically understandable, but not acceptable ideas pursued by those beyond the bounds of reason. Those who discharge these ill-mannered annotations have no sense of – or do not take into account that the skin-whitening mutation occurred by chance in a single individual after the first human exodus from Africa, when all people were brown-skinned (yes, your ancestors). That person’s progeny thrived as humans moved northward into what is now Europe, helping to give rise to the lightest of the world’s skin tones, or as many of you seem to refer to: “race.”

Fantasies and fallacies about racial and ethnic issues have had a predominantly agonizing and tedious history, so exposing some of them are more than an academic exercise. The history of intergroup strife has been written in blood in many countries around the world and across centuries of human history.

Many of the comments cited here may be amazing or even startling to some readers, but they are not literally unknown to those of us who have studied historic facts; they have simply not been widely discussed in the media or even amongst those who make such comments. Too much has been assumed for too long and too little has been scrutinized. It may be optimistic merely to suggest that racial or ethnic issues can be discussed rationally. Evidence to the contrary is all too abundant in the strident and sweeping condemnations directed against many who have tried to do so. Yet there is also evidence in recent years of a growing willingness to consider views that differ from the stupefying racial orthodoxy that has prevailed largely uncontested from the 1960s onward in secluded circles and in the liberal prick media.

“These people are creating a terrible problem in our cities. They can’t or won’t hold a job, they flout the law constantly and neglect their children, they drink too much and their moral standards would shame an alley cat. For some reason or other, they absolutely refuse to accommodate themselves to any kind of decent, civilized life.”

This was said in Indianapolis. It was 1956, and it was not about blacks, but about poor whites from the South. Nor was Indianapolis unique in this respect. A 1951 survey in Detroit found that white Southerners living there were considered “undesirable” by 41 percent of those surveyed, compared to 8 percent who ranked blacks in the same fashion. In the late 1940s, a Chicago employer said frankly, “I told the guard at the plant gate to tell the hillbillies that there were no openings.” When poor whites from the South moved into Northern cities to work in war plants during the Second World War,” occasionally a white southerner would find that a flat or furnished room had ‘just been rented’ when the landlord heard his southern accent.”

More is involved here than a mere parallel between blacks and perceived whiteness today. The sad truth is that authentic black reality is still articulated at the mind-boggling discretion of pallor. If one peruses these types of threads with any frequency, the exclusive all-guy sausage parties will surface, feature cake, and pubescent banter, Straw man character assassinations to shift the topic away from the actual discussion, which in this discussion is why do people like the First Lady or in another example, Mayor Bloomberg think the way they do – not race.

What is witnessed is a common subculture that goes back for centuries – has encompassed everything from ways of talking to attitudes toward education, history, belittlement, condescending attitudes, behaviors and avocations – which originated not in the South, but in parts of the British Isles from which white Southerners came. That culture long ago died out where it originated in Britain, while surviving in the American South. Then it largely died out among both white and black Southerners, while still surviving today in the poorest and worst of the urban black ghettos today.

I live in California, or as we say, Mexifornia. We have been inundated with liberal androgynous university-think prick nannies who want to control every
aspect of our lives – the overwhelming majority of them live in a world of superficial white privilege. Considering the genetic medley of Homo sapiens, the human family cannot be assigned to a definite place or to definite places in a system of perceived white privilege, some stupefying system of class, yet alone classificatory divisions by phony conservatives as well, who are powerless to even stop the blatant invasion from Mexico, yet will sit hunkered behind PCs and clearly profess to some alleged racial hierarchy…


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