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I read the duplicitous Yahoo News/Ass Press headline. The writer confirmed my suspicions, and I knew exactly where this was heading. I chimed in hoping the globalist androgynous university-think liberal prick censors were distracted. I commented. As expected, steered opinion only.  In the Updates notification, I even received a threat from a Yahoo staff member. Being pap intolerant, I find anything disingenuous coming from this racist segregationist community.  The village victim mentality (when American citizens are the true victims of this invasion), will usually divulge what’s on the itinerary before we proceed recklessly down the road to perdition, then later that evening flooring it northbound in the southbound lanes of the I-5 to cataclysm. 

Of course, without driver’s licenses.


This is nothing but a weepy dog and pony show guised as news. My censored comment follows.



By CRISTINA SILVA and KEN THOMAS – Associated Press | AP – 2 hrs 51 mins ago..
LAS VEGAS (AP) — A year before the 2012 presidential election, Hispanic voters are facing a choice.

They can continue to support President Barack Obama despite being hurt disproportionately by the economic downturn or turn to Republicans at a time when many GOP presidential hopefuls have taken a hard line on immigration.

Obama kicks off a three-day trip to Western states trip with a stop Monday in Las Vegas, where he wants to rally support for his jobs agenda in Congress. Nevada has the nation’s highest unemployment rate, 13.4 percent.

The trip comes as Republican candidates have taken a more strident tone on immigration.

Businessman Herman Cain recently suggested electrifying a fence along the U.S. border with Mexico to kill illegal immigrants; he later called the remark a joke and apologized. Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann has raised the issue of “anchor babies,” or U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants; it’s a term that some people find offensive.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been criticized by opponents for signing a law allowing some illegal immigrants to get in-state college tuition. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said most of the jobs created under Perry’s watch went to illegal immigrants. Perry lashed into Romney during last week’s GOP debate in Las Vegas for hiring a lawn care company that employed illegal immigrants.

Obama won 67 percent of Hispanic voters in 2008 but many of those voters have become disillusioned during the past three years. Unemployment among Hispanics tops 11 percent and many Latinos are losing their homes. Others criticize the number of deportations under Obama’s presidency and the lack of progress on a comprehensive immigration plan.

“I am willing to support him, but I would like him to keep his word on all the promises he made,” said Marcos Mata, 17, a Las Vegas high school senior who will vote for the first time next year. “Not just on immigration. But I don’t know if I see any improvement. The jobs act, it’s a good idea but he should have been doing that a long time ago.”

Recent Gallup polling showed Obama with a 49 percent job approval rating among Hispanics, compared with about 60 percent in the beginning of 2011. Hispanic voters could prove pivotal next year, especially in fast-growing and contested states such as Florida, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado.

Obama has said his jobs agenda would help Hispanics in the construction industry and provide tax breaks for small businesses. On immigration, he has targeted violent criminals for deportation and urged Congress to create a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Obama also has sought support for legislation that would provide a route to legal status for college students and members of the military brought to the country as children.

Republicans sense an opening and have courted Hispanic voters through Spanish-language radio and television ads, criticizing Obama’s handling of the economy.

Crossroads GPS, a Republican political organization tied to strategist Karl Rove, ran a Spanish-language ad in five states last summer called “Despertarse,” or “Wake up,” depicting a young mother pacing her home early in the morning, worried about the economy and her children.

President George W. Bush was supported by 44 percent of Hispanic voters in 2004 but that level slipped for the 2008 GOP nominee, Arizona Sen. John McCain. Party officials promote the success of prominent Hispanic Republicans, including Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, and Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, but some worry that a harsh tone on immigration could undermine their efforts.

“The fundamental question will be whether the economic concerns of the Latino community are so severe that they are less critical of anti-immigrant positioning by the Republican party,” said Adam Mendelsohn, a Republican strategist and former adviser to ex-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California.

Mendelsohn warned that Romney could damage his general election prospects if he makes immigration a focal point during the primary. “If the conventional wisdom is that Romney won the nomination because he beat up Perry on immigration, that’s a narrative that will alienate Latinos.”

Voters like Jose Hernandez, a Republican, are watching closely. Hernandez said his Las Vegas real estate business has faltered with the housing market. Most of his neighbors and clients are more concerned about the economy than immigration but he has found the tone of the GOP debate offensive, including comments about illegal immigrants stealing jobs.

“That’s just ignorance,” Hernandez said. “The Republicans need to talk about making it easier for people to come here.”

Democrats say the immigration rhetoric in the GOP debates could have a similar impact that tough anti-immigration laws had in California during the 1990s under Republican Gov. Pete Wilson. Democratic presidential nominees have not lost California since 1988.

Obama’s campaign is aggressively courting Latino voters.

In Fort Collins, Colo., on Saturday, about a dozen volunteers walked door to door to register voters and hand out pamphlets. “If we turn out 15,000 to 20,000 votes, that’s going to make a big difference,” said Joe Perez, 67, of Greeley, Colo.

Turnout will be key. Many Hispanic Democrats say the Republican debate on immigration has turned off Latino voters but worry that a weak economy could make it more difficult to encourage Hispanics to support Obama.

“Building the excitement and the enthusiasm to go to the polls, that’s something we’re going to have to figure out how to do,” said Maria Elena Durazo, secretary-treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. “They just feel down. The economy is terrible so our
challenge is still going to be getting them to the polls. I think we can do it.”


Thomas reported from Fort Collins, Colo. (One of the sanctuary states).


My censored comment:

Translation: Illegal aliens are pouring into this country, and Hispanics based on the astounding numbers of illegal births and criminal entry are becoming the fastest growing percentage of the population, therefore it is essential that if any political party or politician wants to survive, they must embrace illegal immigration, or else.

This is the quintessential racism that if Americans keep pretending it doesn’t exist, will destroy this country.

As in the last presidential election, Americans will again be threatened with the mythical Hispanic vote for dissenting against the illegal alien tsunami. And speaking of that election, out of 160 million votes, Hispanics accounted for nearly 7 million. With the constant hyperbole from the duplicitous liberal media,  racists such as Geraldo Rivera, and the National Council of The Race, reporters took positions along the shore to capture the rogue waves of 25 million. We tuned in to witness a puny ebb tide.

Vexation, from our fair weather resentful Mexican friends has increasingly become that nagging pimple on our derrieres, the multicolored jalopy grinding to a sudden halt after losing its rear wheel in rush-hour traffic, the kleptomaniac performance artists in their third trimesters, the Deep Venous Thrombosis embedded in the continuity of our prosperity, and the malignant neoplasm affecting the healthy cells of our living standards.

Thus when racists say illegal aliens are increasingly become the majority (but never mention illegally and illegitimately), and a fierce voting bloc, one recalls this Third-World mindset and reasoning akin to an illegal roofing contractor whose bad news was that it was losing $4,000 on every job it undersold to win the bids. The good news? They were going to make up for it with volume.

No nation can turn a blind eye to allow 45 million illegal aliens (and counting) to pour in. Yet, each year, millions more are added and are encouraged to never assimilate into the population, but instead threaten we cave in to their demands.

The number of illegal aliens flooding into the US this year will total 3 million at the minimum – enough to fill 22,000 Boeing 737-700 airliners, or 60 flights every day for a year. We have more illegal aliens here than the total of all legal immigrants who ever came to America through Ellis Island in the four hundred years of our history on this continent.

My side is America. If that offends, then so be it. I will make no apologies for being an American. If you are living in this country illegally and demonstrate a think Mexico first attitude, we’ve got a problem. Hispanics care nothing about this country and its people, only Hispanics and their Reconquista agenda. Never before in the history of this nation have we witnessed the most disrespectful, ungrateful, arrogant behavior demonstrated by people who should not even be here, demand we allow our country to be broken into by criminals who demand they be fed, clothed, housed, and granted the rights of the firstborn?

Trite, meaningless, biased, prosaic statements and angst are a bad combination, especially for people coming to this country for an alleged better life and deeming Americans their enemy. All subversives loyal to out-of-control illegal immigration, and who think Mexico first will eventually be forced to stop the useless us against them way of thinking, especially when it is they who are them…


And to AP writer Christina Silva:

This biased report informs right away that those against wholesale illegal immigration are those you disapprove of, and you suggest that others disapprove as well, and you know they can trust you – you’re one of them. Herman Cain mentioned an electric fence, but said nothing remotely close to killing illegal aliens. The term “anchor baby” may be offensive to you, but have you ever considered that American taxpayers are more offended by this massive deluge of illegal aliens filling our cities, and the tremendous costs of being the de facto welfare state of Mexico?

La Raza’s subversives in our government and the Mexican government say much behind closed doors and language, keeping to themselves and tell the rest of the country a different story. And as part of that story, the bogus claim for Mexican rights is currently passing  through the UN, and we’re all used to what plops out the other end. Not that it really matters, because despite what La Raza’s public relation’s industry, i.e. the biased liberal media along with its Spanish-speaking sister stations and cowardly politicians might say. This is not about feeding families and it certainly isn’t about justice or human rights because Latino societies don’t practice any of it.

The US shares a border with its true enemy. Reconquista is in the Mexican mindset more than ever, which is why they are pushing through massive nation-killing numbers of people, and encourage them to think Mexico first. Becoming Americans is the last thing they want. They need to keep the pot boiling. They need to keep Mexicans angry and resentful and hating America. The worst thing
they can do is to see the truth and to tell a lie, and I see the illegal alien tsunami as a lie. A lie designed to exploit American liberal guilt like the lie of ownership and the lie of the mythical Aztlan.

Is it anti-immigrant or racist to criticize racists loyal to Mexico and their illegal alien compatriots as the country’s most tired cry babies with a bogus cause and plight that’s entirely self-inflicted?
We can’t trust any of you who consider American citizens invisible to simply look at anything impartially and just tell the simple truth. Because the truth is you have a racist cultural and political agenda, the Aztlan rising La Raza movement is full to the rafters with sycophant illiberal astucious indulgent reckless tempestuous imbecilic racist people who see their mirror-images in Univision fables, which lives and breathes Mexico first, perversity guised as diversity, and all things sycophant illiberal astucious indulgent reckless tempestuous imbecilic racist, and where the parasitic Hispanic politicians and community recruits for its sycophant illiberal astucious indulgent reckless tempestuous imbecilic racist constituency.

The predominance of the querulous interloper rife in the quest to protuberate and wrest away the volition of the American taxpayer is in fact coming to a conclusion sooner than you think. Do you think all of the states are drafting legislation for the hatred of illegal aliens, or the fact that illegal aliens are bankrupting the nation’s state budgets?

Imposters believe in entitlement by proxy, but insist on imposing their rules when they are not even sanctioned players. Nice attempt with your childish chauvinism and stupefying logic. No thanks, we don’t like those green eggs and ham, or foolish adolescent drivel. People are upset about the tsunami of illegal aliens pouring into our country at 35,000 per day. Yours is an ignorant assertion and demonstrates a profound lack of critical thinking, and basic economics.

I’ve got a better suggestion: Go with Mexico…

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