Yahoo Censored Comment 05/18/2011

I’ve come to the conclusion that someone at Yahoo really dislikes anything I have to say. Usually, I will comment on subject matter regarding illegal immigration. I will sometimes chime in on ridiculous stories thinking they will give me a break.
This particular story caught my attention with the hilarious headline and butchery of the English language. This will be my last attempt to post comments on Yahoo. In the future, I will comment exclusively through my Blog.
Take a look. Try to keep a straight face.
Air Force One Lands Safely After Aborted Landing Attempt
Associated Press
Wed May 18, 11:47 am ET
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NEW LONDON, Conn. – Air Force One with President Barack Obama aboard made an aborted landing attempt at the Windsor Locks, Conn., airport Wednesday before trying again and landing safely, officials said.

The White House and Federal Aviation Administration say it was a routine maneuver where the pilot was in the process of landing, but because of weather conditions decided to circle the runway before trying again and landing safely.

The sky was heavily clouded in Connecticut, where the president traveled Wednesday to deliver the commencement address at the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London.

White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said there was never any risk to the president. Reporters on the plane say they were not aware that the landing maneuver — which is called a “go around” — was happening.

My censored comment:

Air Force One Lands Safely After Aborted Landing Attempt?

Aborted landing attempt? This headline is a perfect example of English as a second language.

In a controlled field, the controller may instruct the pilot to go around if there is an aircraft, vehicle or objects (such as undocumented migrants) on the runway or
some other unsafe condition.

It amazes me how you guys present stories as if Americans are stupid.

Air Force One (not AF1), is the official air traffic control call sign of any United States Air Force aircraft carrying the President of the United States.

It is a Boeing 747-200B. There are actually two identical 747s that serve as Air Force One. They are designated VC-25A.

These incredible aircraft are maintained by the 89th Airlift Wing at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland by men who tend to be ignored or dismissed by those who are often mistaken for journalists.

To make it seem as if the aircraft was in trouble is deplorable. Must you sensationalize something that happens all the time, with military, commercial and general aviation aircraft?

A missed approach is an instrument flight rules procedure which is a standard, though an optional component segment of an instrument approach. Generally, if the pilot flying or the pilot in command determines by the time the aircraft is at the decision height (for a precision approach) or missed approach point (for a non-precision approach), that the runway or its environment is not in sight, or that a safe landing cannot be accomplished for any reason, the landing approach must not be executed, and the missed approach procedure must be initiated immediately.

It is common for pilots to deliberately execute a missed approach as part
of recurrent instrument training.

Takeoff/Go-around switches (TO/GA) are switches activated on the autothrottle of an autopilot of a modern aircraft. It has two modes, takeoff (TO) and go around (GA). The switch is the same for both takeoff and go around modes. Usually on approach to land the autopilot will be set to approach mode on the autopilot therefore if the TO/GA switch is pressed it will activate the go around mode.

The missed approach procedure includes an initial heading or track and altitude to climb to, typically followed by holding instructions at a nearby navigation fix. The pilot will inform ATC by radio of the initiation of the missed approach as soon as possible.

ATC may simply acknowledge the missed approach call, or modify the missed approach instructions, for example with vectors to some other fix. ATC may subsequently clear the flight for another approach attempt, depending on the pilot’s intentions, as well as weather and traffic considerations.

With this being said, the airspace is always cleared for Air Force One and when a president is about to land or take off, air traffic controllers will not allow any other aircraft to land or take off from the same airstrip for 15 minutes prior to Air Force One’s takeoff or landing.

Why would this comment be censored?


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