“Undocumented Justice”

The year is nearly expired. In the last few months, we’ve witnessed with jaw dropping incredulity, the failed Dog and Pony Show DREAM ACT, massive illegal alien demonstrations in 70 cities on the day we celebrate law (May Day), and the State Department offering America’s first-ever report to the United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights in conjunction with something called the Universal Periodic Review. In short, the 29-page document is a self-aggrandizing report card flaunting the administration’s far-left domestic and foreign policy ingenuities for the world’s authorization.  Included is a segment on “values and immigration,” which principally singles out Arizona’s immigration enforcement law as a human rights deficiency that is being addressed in a court action.

We will see what both could be the trial of the century, and the crime of the century. What an honor for our President, the Justice Department, the Mexican president, MALDEF, NILC, and the ACLU’s Immigration Project – so early in the century. In the most determined statement of declination, we’ve yet seen in the U.S., (and that’s saying something), the Obama/HolderRegime (supported by La Raza) is pushing ahead with the prosecution of Arizona for a crime of embarrassing them with the truth.

There’s a philosophical vehemence about this prosecution that’s almost pious in its intensity, because let’s be clear, this is a Mexican illegal aliens rights trial by any other name. They can’t refute Arizona’s leader’s statements, so instead they resort to the kind of cheap legal stunts that we’d expect from the likes of Mexico and MALDEF to attempt to shut their adversaries up. They’ve accused SB 1070 of being divisive, inflammatory and racially profiles illegal aliens.

Yes, sometimes the truth can divisive, inflammatory and racially profiling if it’s been suppressed for long enough, and has become appropriately taboo as it clearly has in this country. Because according to the prosecution, it doesn’t even matter that Arizona’s decision is just.

What matters is that it’s legal.

Well, when laws are against those predisposed to lawlessness, then there’s something seriously wrong with the laws. Because when the truth has no defense, there is no defense. And the law has no anchor, so it will drift wherever the wind of political expedience blows, and this time it blew straight across a National Park filled with 300 + millions tons of trash and human waste into a kangaroo court where justice will now be made to fight for its life – starved of the oxygen of truth that gives it life.

These are desperate tactics, from desperate people who who’ve tied themselves up in such knots of relativist guilt, they’re incapable of acknowledging the truth, let alone dealing with and admitting  it.

These make-believe Americans are prepared to chop off their own hands to avoid being seen scratching their ass in public. What makes it worse is their clinging to something that doesn’t even exist. The multi-cultural bubble burst long before LA County Deputy Sheriff David March or Officer Kenneth Collings of Phoenix were murdered, when Marc Atkinson was murdered, and thousands upon thousands of citizens for the privilege of being the fabric of what makes us the world’s prominent Republic. It was even before then that the American people and everybody else in the U.S. came face-to-face with illegal immigration repackaged as multi-culturalism, what it really is, and what it really means. On the surface, it sounded like a nice word, evoking a kind of polychromatic society of mutually enriching cultural perspectives.

And what could be better than that?  But that’s not what it was at all, and that was never the intention.  If they would have been honest from the start about what it really is; Mexicanization of the Southwest U.S. –  they know they’d never have been allowed to get away with it. But people are beginning to realize now that Reconquista is in fact what we’re getting, and it’s all we’re getting times tens of millions. The nation’s new direction starting with the Midterm victories will seize control of the House from its death spiral. And it’s also why Reid, Pelosi and the rouster of fools are so desperate to destroy the Conservative push before the next elections, because their views are unpopular enough to change things back to put an end to the illegal alien multi-cultural lie, and to give the American people back their country, and that’s why Arizonans are facing trial.

Maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised it’s come to this, after all, they do have a history of codifying Mexico for its never ending tsunami of parasites, entitlement shams, thieves, frauds, and racist America haters led by liberal and anchor baby politicians who feign compassion and vision.

Isn’t that how Robert Krentz was murdered? Some leftist lunatic as cozen Homeland Security Chief lied to the establishment and fourth estate that the border was more secure than ever.  There would be no interrupting her pushing a new amnesty program.

The tears were faked. How could this have happened? But they all know how it happened.

The whole world knows how it happened. And if it hadn’t happened, the killings of Americans by illegal aliens wouldn’t be taking place, because Mexico wouldn’t be the problem it is today, and perhaps the once beautiful state of California would still be one of the world’s favorite destinations, and not the kind of place where American citizens are killed by drunk drivers, murdered, and easy pickings for illegal aliens who can (and do) escape back into Mexico as if nothing happened.

The minority liberal presiding class has shown that it is prepared to stoop to anything, even as far as undermining the very foundation of Western civilization: freedom of speech. To prop up a rotten ideology that’s not only dead but whose corpse is now beginning to smell, and you know that smell – its that pungent mix of fascism and cowardice that we’ve all become disappointingly familiar with.

Certainly we know all about it. We’ve had more than our share of it. through the years. This rancid putrefaction never seems to dissipate. The stink has lingered and transformed into yet another shameful event this year when Arizona was refused the right to protect it’s citizens because our government allowed itself to be intimidated and threatened by millions of La Raza loudmouths who took it upon themselves to feign racism to suppress law in a country of laws, and were allowed to get away with it because otherwise they were offended. Why the hell should we concern ourselves with what Mexico and illegal aliens think? They should be offended.

Nobody gives a dam how offended the rest of us are at having our culture overrun by an aggressive illegal totalitarianism and being told we are racist if we speak about it. And that’s why this test is not just about Arizona. The score will affect all of us. American people have a reputation for tolerance and open-mindedness – the very qualities of stupidity many would argue got us into this mess in the first place.

So we’re a bit further down the road of multi-cultural declination than many countries, but it’s a road we’re all traveling in the West. And if we stay on it, we’ll all arrive at the same cataclysmic intersection in another kangaroo courtroom in another country claiming rights to steal from us. It’s only a matter of time.

Fear of free speech is the symptom of a profoundly neurotic and dishonest society, which is what we’ve got on our hands now. All over the Western world is the same apologetic story. We have governments and police forces that recoil before Mexico, La Raza, and millions of invaders, while chipping away our civil liberties because Munoz of La Raza is appointed to the Executive Office.

We have a so-called media that cannot even use the word La Raza in connection with invasion, when the two couldn’t be more intimately connected if they were Siamese twins – yet they’re quite happy to label Sarah Palin as a far right politician, in the kind of casual slander that passes for journalism these days, especially at the inadequate alphabet channels, weekly rags filled with subversion, and the immoral Yahoo News who’ve been too politically correct to acknowledge that an invasion is even taking place.

Anyone who isn’t angry and ashamed that an invasion is taking place doesn’t deserve to live in a free society. The multitudes of racists with Hispanic surnames  rallying against Arizona has already left as dark a stain on our associations equal to what McCarthyism has left our history, and its going to get worse, because not only have the crooked activist judges denied Arizona the rule of law it needs to defend itself. But they’ve also made sure that the frivolous lawsuits will coincide with the coming elections, making it as difficult as possible for Governor Brewer to put her case to the American people.

Those who stand against the illegal alien invasion tsunami are heroes, not criminals. And it’s time the rest of us stood up and said so loud and clear. Because, there’s too much at stake to be politically polite any more. And there’s too much at stake to be afraid to offend Mexico and La Raza any more.

This arrogant Mexican meddling and colonization has to be stopped. As the late Terry Anderson used to say: “There is no practice America.” Our birthright is being deliberately sold from under us by people who don’t have the right of ownership. And we are now on the verge of bequeathing our children and grandchildren the kind of society that we wouldn’t want to be born into.

It doesn’t get any more immoral or cowardly than that. It’s akin to saying a drunk is always honest. It’s not really honesty at all; it’s the blurry psychobabble you get when they’ve had a bit too much alcohol to drink. Even drunks suffer from what I refer to as “undocumented justice.”

It’s not really justice at all – it’s the kind of justice you get when you’ve overdosed on cultural relativism and your spine has completely disappeared.

Shame on the President and Justice Department. Shame on the Mexican president and government. Shame on LULAC, and the racist Hispanic/Latino agenda. Shame on illegal aliens and anchor babies who consider Americans their enemy. Shame on the fourth estate for not raising a hurricane-force protest against this outrageous attack on our basic freedom, and shame upon shame on the crooked activist judges in the United States.

And shame on us…


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