When the DREAM is Reconquista, Disenchantment Will Follow

Well, it looks like the illegitimate may want to adopt another anti-American diversion. Everyone knows of the La Raza call centers spread across the country. We have no compunction for ungrateful ill-advised college students who want to take seats from American college students, and potential undesirable military recruits who came to this country illegally as young children and feign to know no other home. Ask Western Union for a reference.

For a demographic that knows no other home, the loyalty, allegiance, and holding all things Mexico dear says otherwise. American Congressional staff members may take your canned phone calls, but they are not stupid (they know who they work for, except Harry Reid). Speaking English and actually knowing the subtleties of the language are what exposes the imposters, and divulges which language is a distant second.

Nothing like hearing a person that’s been in the country all their life, and speak English at the level of a neophyte. And what kind of people use this type of despicable deceptive tactic at the behest of Americans who keep saying no?

People who have an agenda that is predicated on race alone. People whom are immersed in Raza Studies, the Occupied America: A History of Chicanos racial hatred guised as textbooks, and the Reconquista of America. People who are encouraging and validating precisely the wrong type of “immigrants” into America. People who actually believe they will have control of the Southwest United States with a deluge of unwanted parasites who constantly belly ache that these lands were stolen from them and the irritating adolescent wordplay that these criminals are immigrants or undocumented.

How serious a transgression is being an illegal alien, or offspring thereof? Is this ever taken into consideration, or do these racists scrupulously hold this level of contempt for the country and what it stands for? For these so-called students, many of them bray vacuously that illegal entry is no worse than driving without a license, walking amongst us as if normal, tossing a candy wrapper to the ground, and jumping a fence is what constitutes a pathway to citizenship that will remain unearned, disrespected, and never practiced.

The deception is that Mexicans come here for work. Next, comes social services theft, ID fraud, tax evasion, ID theft, Social Security theft, Section 8 subsidized rent fraud, employment fraud, voter fraud, property damage, murder, robberies, burglaries, ad nauseam, and the blatant theft that a group of people would do to any country – birthright fraud of the 14th Amendment.

This is the most discreditable demonstration a demographic can bring to any civil society. They should be ashamed, but sycophants know no such shame.

American citizens are prosecuted and pay for their crimes, yet anyone with a Hispanic surname will strongly defend illegal aliens proposing we cut them slack.  We are tired of the violin-tinged sound bite speak such as: they are just trying to feed their families doing jobs Americans won’t do. No, they come here to rob resources from American citizens and consider seven states of the United States as Aztlan.

Illegal aliens are not needed in this country despite the fraud-speak emanating from Mexico, La Raza, and millions of Mexicans pretending to be Americans. Every time a business is shut down by Immigration Authorities, Americans line up the next day to take the jobs that were originally taken from them.

What is the anxiety with endless assertive attempts to heave the Latino agenda down our throats, the malarkey of revisionist history presented to us, remonstrations demanding illegals are here to stay, and Reconquista? Eventually, you wear out your multiple decks of race cards.

Americans have had enough. Using criminals as human shields of previous generations of criminals, inventing illegal aliens are undocumented students, and signifying American dissenters are anti-immigrant only authenticates their La Raza grandiloquence and opportunistic quest for colonization.

One chief opportunist was quoted as saying: “We know what kind of battlefield we live in.” “Living in OC and being aware of all the racism motivates me to do more.”

Battlefield? Not one of these parasites has seen battle, except for protesting in American streets on the day we celebrate law, or smearing refried beans on Arizona’s Capital Building after SB 1070 was signed into law, but at this rate – they will get their chance. To even suggest the battle is against American citizens is the ultimate disrespect.

Much of Europe acutely regrets allowing the illegal import of the culturally disparate to overwhelm its cities pretending to come to work or feed their families. Ask Europe how the enormous continental transforming deluge of “immigrants” is working out for them. No other country is as diverse as we are, and none tolerates such an unheard-of mass-invasion of illegal aliens from Mexico as the U.S. does – until now.

No more pretending you don’t hear us. No more amnesties (we’ve had seven).

Americans will answer and extinguish the coming threats of the illegitimate Hispanic vote. This arrogant Mexican infantile posturing has got to end. It is heading to a height in which Americans will be forced to act and eradicate this menace to our sovereignty and the future of our nation.

In the first Civil War, Americans waged a bloody war against our own compatriots on a scale that will pale in comparison to rout the noisy nonstop invader who screams his plan to take our country away from us while his is burning. Those who do not learn from mistakes of the past will have the opportunity to repeat them, and Americans will again indulge them…


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