Superior Passionate Androgynous Yahoo Censors

It’s a typical Sunday – peruse the channels for anything that resembles news. No luck as of yet, I’m burrowing through nothing but liberal university-think rubbish. Nearly everything is formatted to generate favored response as opposed to reporting. Brought to you by alleged journalists, and people who actually believe that whales are their friends. I stopped at Yahoo (my email). As we all know, AssPress, and AFP offer some of the best journalism in the business. One particular title apprehended my curiosity:

Black porn causes a stir in South Africa, by Tabelo Timse.

I expected the worst, and they delivered. The fact that Yahoo allows these types of comments is the conundrum. Commentary that offers thought and discussion does not make the cut.

I have to keep reminding myself that Yahoo is staffed with people who are morally superior, as you’d expect from those who live in the land of hatred for the military, men, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Gavin Newsome, Jerry Brown, same-sex marriage, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and millions upon millions of illegal aliens codified by the Latino-led state Senate, illegal illegitimate mayors, city councils, politicians and judges.

I started to read the comments.

Firewatch posted: bets are the movies are full of mud sharks…ni@@ers loves those whites girls

Stephen: They should take the show on the road to Detroit…………!

Kate: I’m confused………. Dont most of them walk around half naked anyway?

Brian: There is a posting here which asks how the selection is made to choose the actors/actresses. We have a fairly simple system,as follows: if the applicant,male or female can walk,without high heels,and NOT drag their knuckles on the ground…then they are accepted.We have been conducting castings now for one week,and we are proud to say that our first actor has been chosen.

I chimed in. I waited. As anticipated, Yahoo would not upload my comment. Again, I am perplexed to why the censors would allow racial commentary, but completely ignore my stuff.

Here’s what I wrote. You be the judge:

This particular predictable guise is manufactured to evoke racial pap minus adult dialogue. While North Korea and Iran are preparing to extinguish some of us, the Russians are near to owning half of the U.S. uranium mining rights while playing two-face with the Start nonsense, Mexico has taken Arizona to the U.N. disparages U.S. citizens who dissent, and is pugnacious to no end to overpopulate the U.S. Southwest with 10s of millions of their unwanted citizens – demanding we grant them U.S. citizenship, then reward them with amnesty, and the Muslim leadership is pressing for Mosques across the U.S. (financed by Mayor Bloomberg) and the eventual adoption of Sharia Law, so-called Americans with feet of clay expose their pusillanimity by engaging in this gallivant adolescent racial psychobabble.

South Africa is reported to have the largest population living with the disease, at well over 5 million people infected, followed by Nigeria in 2nd place and India being the 3rd largest population of HIV infected with more than 2 million people reported. If you have an intelligence quotient higher than 20, you may conclude that the reasons go far beyond scope of sound bites, your knowledge of reality television programs, and your award-winning paralleled racial bias and ignorance.

As the majority of people infected with HIV are unaware they have the virus, it is reasonable to expect that there may be significant cases of under-reporting and inaccuracies in certain listed statistics. Sources that vary wildly between years as new or old information is discarded or acquired. Documented cases lists do not give accurate descriptions of the epidemic, but do attempt to quantify actual known cases, as well as documented cumulative impact.

At 1.3 million affected, the U.S. has a higher rate than the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Liberia, Ghana, Djibouti, Malawi, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Eritrea, Sudan, Niger, Uganda, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Angola, Republic of the Congo, and many other African states.

One hundred thirty-two countries also have fewer deaths from HIV/AIDS than does the U.S.

Kind of dispels the feigned superiority does it not?

Note: This unwarranted censorship confirms that androgynous Yahoo censors do not like men, especially those of us who are not afraid to speak – and without question – will fight to the death for this country…


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