The Brazen Attitude of Operatives

The United States through acts of Congress, the Mexican government, the National Council of La Raza, ACLU, liberal university-think poltroons, and the complicity of some federal activist judges has now – at least until the U.S. Supreme Court rules – sanctioned the “rights” of hordes of illegal aliens to dismiss our laws with impunity – vote in U.S. elections – while giving us the finger.

The Democratic Party actively concurs. Congress intervened in response to claims that states are discriminating and harming various groups, including “racial minorities.”

They are illegal aliens. Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, an Arizona native, joined Judge Sandra Ikuta to form the majority, while Chief Judge Alex Kozinski dissented. In Arizona, the judicial majority found the Arizona law to be in conflict with the federal law, because it is indisputable that by requiring documentary proof of citizenship, (Arizona Law) creates an additional state hurdle to process.           

Arizonans complain that the Court’s argument stating discrimination against minorities is nothing but a red herring frequently used by liberal advocates to distract attention from the real issue – perjury, and illegality. What does perjury mean to an illegal aliens here illegally – law violators? It is a joke that the feds threaten concerned and dissenting American citizens with actions that lead to force-feeding an arrogant, corrupt, despicable, and deceitful demographic down their throats.

 Show just one case that the feds prosecuted anyone for perjury under the law.

Among the organizations promoting the enfranchisement and colonization guised as unearned citizenship for illegal aliens is the National Council of La Raza, LULAC, MEChA, the Hispanic Caucus, Hispanic media, the Catholic Church, Mexicans born here with loyalty to Mexico only, OneAmerica Votes, all entities with the name Chicano, National Organization for Mexican Rights, Hispanic America USA, and countless numbers of race-first groups – promote Democrat candidates by using the mythical illegitimate Hispanic vote and their armies of illegal aliens.

The brazen attitude of these operatives, and those who codify them in Washington exemplifies the contempt that they and partisans like them across the nation have for the laws of the United States – and those of us who are American citizens.

Those who disrespectfully and illegally settle in the U.S. in disregard for our law express their contempt for our national sovereignty. They proclaim, through their arrogant actions, their view that “we the people,” though born in- and constituting the very fabric of this nation, have no say in its future. The lie that the American Dream is not a reflection of the will of Americans is demonstrated by ruling elites, who side with criminal foreign and non-assimilating invaders against the citizens. The ethnic political lobbies that, in particular, support the demographic annexation of America by Mexico, openly gloat about the day when traditional Americans will be a minority in their own country and hint darkly about the “payback” that awaits us (because we did not roll over and die fast enough, or hand over our hearth, homes, cities and towns to them with sufficient alacrity).

It dumbfounds me that these people would even challenge to sacrifice the sovereignty and disregard the laws of this country for their benefit only.

Many Americans are preparing for battle. This will backfire for the march in lockstep liberals, and their non-stop tsunami of illegal alien invaders.


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