Illegal Immigration is a Gargantuan Pillaging of the Bank that is America

Unemployment lines have sustained an unheard-of pace. The American people’s frustration grows along with it. Our government keeps spending money we don’t have. The current administration’s resolution is to increase taxes. This current fiasco is tough for many of us Americans, and as we look at ways to make our dollars go further, the federal government should look at methods to keep American dollars closer to home. While the United States continues to dance around the golden calf of debt, there is virtuous news coming from south of the border. Money sent back to Mexico is on the upswing.

The Bank of Mexico stated that remittances of nearly $2 billion in August are up 9.32 percent from the identical month last year. Well, it appears our tough economy and job market doesn’t affect the multitudes of parasites.

Mexican-based financial analysts are gleefully forecasting remittances for 2010 at $24 billion. The money sent home by Mexico’s millions of illegal aliens taking food from the tables of American taxpayers is its second highest revenue source after crude oil (and we pay for them to drill).

Some of it comes from Mexicans who cross the border daily to work, but the majority comes from the 25 to 38 million illegal aliens in the country. These remittances are nothing but an economic drain on America. Mexico would collapse without them. Is this our fault?

We not are not only recirculating billions of dollars produced by Americans back into our own economy, but there is  never-before-seen deluge of taxpayer-funded social services to tens of millions of illegal aliens who do not make any contributions to the system.

The La Raza led open-borders mass continues to assert that those working here illegally add further to our economy than the reimbursements they illegally collect. However, $24 billion dollars stolen out of our economy as opposed to the American taxpayers subsidizing services to supplement their invasion to the tune of $200 billion (not including property damage, etc.) says otherwise.

There are estimates that the cost of education alone for illegal aliens is $72 billion per year. Texas is burdened with $16.4 billion of this. Let’s not even discuss California, or other states affected by this epidemic.

These costs are said to include American-born children of illegal alien parents. La Raza and the Mexican government will argue that they should not be encompassed because these children under current birthright fraud policy are as we know, scam U.S. citizens. Their parents are criminals. The overwhelming majority of their mothers illegally came to the U.S. for the sole purpose of having a child to blatantly cheat the system and bring nihility to U.S. citizenship. This wholesale theft is a purposeful misinterpretation and taking advantage of the 14th Amendment.

In Harris County alone, the public hospital system in Houston, Texas discovered that 60 percent of births are delivered by women in the country illegally. There are 1.5 million illegal aliens in Harris County, in which 60,000 babies are born annually. The Pew Hispanic Center study revealed that 9 percent of all babies born in the U.S. are born to illegal alien mothers.

Healthcare to illegal aliens last year cost the state of Texas $100 million. As usual, the majority being emergency room care to which is passed to taxpayers.

As per the budget director for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, 7.5 percent of the total prison illegal alien population costs the state $171 million each year. However, as in all figures regarding illegal aliens, the actual costs are anonymous as these figures are based only on illegal aliens they’ve been able to identify only because they are multiple criminal offenders.

The costs incurred by the victims of these criminals are not at all mentioned to risk claims of racism.

Now the cultural babble is getting louder regarding the DREAM Act that will subsidize education costs and grant amnesty to people 35 years old or younger who illegally entered the U.S. before they were 16 years old. As usual, the costs associated with this new scam will be conveniently hidden from view.

Does the government even know how many millions of people will become eligible? If given amnesty, each one of these criminals will be able to sponsor 357 relatives under reunification.

Illegal aliens will not have to pay out-of-state tuition, and get to go to a school of their choice. This only applies to law breakers.

Why would Congressmen such as Luis Gutierrez, with the National Council of La Raza, drive to pass any law that will discriminate against American citizens at the benefit of illegal aliens who broke our laws?

Race, future votes promised by a demographic leadership with an agenda, and cheap labor.

What about Americans who will not be able to afford tuition? As part of this amnesty scam, illegal aliens will be eligible for federal student loans at the expense of the American citizen. Why should people here illegally be given an advantage to acquire loans that should go to citizens? This policy will deplete the already strained college resources by adding millions of people to the system.

After completion of two years of post high school education, or two years of military service they are eligible for citizenship. Once citizenship is attained, they will be allowed to bring the rest of their extended families to the United States. To those who favor Reconquista, those of us who oppose this theft will be considered racist. It must be stopped. American have, and will reject amnesty in all of its forms and schemes.  We are already paying the price, and will for years to come unless something is done about this invasion. I don’t blame people for wanting to come here. However, we cannot afford to continue to turn a blind eye and allow them to dictate the terms.  

Illegal aliens place an enormous drain on all aspects of our society. We should be ashamed at the suggestion that we treat illegal aliens better than we treat our own citizens.

It is not fuzzy math: illegal immigration is a gargantuan pillaging of the bank that is America.


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