Thank you Terry Anderson

Those of us who are soldiers in this battle against rampant out-of-control illegal immigration and those who constantly attempt to force the agenda down our throats have lost a great friend, and American patriot, Terry Anderson. As a long-time resident of Southern California, I know personally the collateral damage this demographic warfare has left in its wake.

Living in Orange County, I watched it transform seemingly overnight. I warned my friends and neighbors of the coming danger. No one believed me, or cared for that matter.

Others considered me a racist. Having dialog without the typical euphemisms was impossible. Striking up a conversation regarding the subject would have the other party looking around as if we were exchanging nuclear secrets.

I was alone in my dissension, until a misplaced turn of the dial on my radio would introduce me to George Putnam, and his Talk Back Show. Terry Anderson was a caller to the show that day. Mr. Putnam was impressed, as were those of us who listened.

I had no idea he would eventually, and rightfully so, host his own program.

Sunday nights couldn’t come fast enough. I told my friends, and nearly everyone I could about this man. You felt as if you knew him personally. He spoke our language.

I listened to every show, and only missed six, but I would listen to the archives a couple of days later. He had my ear for nearly 10 years. He was relentless in his fight, but never racist, or hateful as some claim. I participated in rallies, CCIR meetings and events where he would be a guest speaker.

I have met countless outstanding people through my association with Terry. A few times I disagreed with him. I apologized to him regarding Lou Dobbs, who turned his back on us. Not Terry. Terry was an impeccable listener. He knew. Terry always seemed to know.

He had a real uncanny sense of picking the imposters.  

It was through Terry that I would cross paths with George Putnam, Barbara Coe, Glenn Spencer, D.A. King, Tom Tancredo, Madeline Cosman, Michelle Malkin, and many others that would take a few pages to list. Not once would I hear anyone say anything considered racist. The racial epithets and hatred always emanated from the illegal aliens, and their supporters. The Terry Anderson Show was the portal where I could get legitimate, straight forward information. I could hear others express and share what was happening around the country. He held your attention for that special, but always short hour.

He made you laugh with his humor, and his delivery was unmatched. He would make references to his education and modest life.

Sunday nights will never be the same. I will miss you Terry Anderson.

I am forever grateful for the knowledge and information you’ve shared with me for the these 10 years. I am honored to call you a friend, mentor, brother and American.

I vow to continue this fight, although it will be tough not hearing your voice.

We will win this war. You will be as proud of us as we were of you.

I am thankful to have crossed paths with you. God Bless you Terry Anderson.

May you Rest In Peace.


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