The Mexican Illegal Alien Threat

We all know the story. On September 11, 2001, two Boeing 767 airliners, full of passengers, slammed into the World Trade Center towers. A Boeing 757 crashed into the Pentagon, and another 757 nosed into the ground in Pennsylvania.

The liberal leftist 5th column news media played the event repeatedly ad-nauseum.

Each one of the terrorists were illegal aliens.

In Muslim countries, the cheers reverberated, as expected. In Mexico City, people celebrated, applauded, and rejoiced while they burned American flags. America finally got her “retribution.” The Mexican government was the only Western Nation to not offer condolences to the U.S.

Mexico expected the U.S. to secure our southern border. For ninety days, human traffic over our border slowed to a drip.  Mexico anxiously waited to see if the U.S. would close the gates. 

Subsequently,  it became plausible that security measures were taken against U.S. citizens only, illegal Mexican traffic flowed with an unrivaled magnitude, only eclipsed by 10 million entering illegally in 2005. After all, illegal aliens, particularly the hordes of Mexican illegal aliens, are not a threat to U.S. citizens. Right?

Read the news reports throughout the country. You’ll find stories of drunken illegal aliens driving vehicles into innocent citizens. Others will tell of murders, rapes, robberies, child molestation, fraud, theft, deceit, crowded schools, non assimilation, America hating, home invasions, out of code living conditions, crowded hospitals, illicit drug deals, loitering, and lately, massive protests in our streets. Illegal aliens are selling drugs on our streets, killing police officers, murdering U.S. citizens and then running back to the sanctuary of Mexico where they are indulged, and even praised. Just as it was on Sept. 11, the U.S.-Mexico border remains a super highway for hordes of illegal aliens.

At any given time, there are 100,000 illegal aliens roaming American streets who have been convicted of murder, rape, robber, child molestation, and a multitude of serious crimes. They boldly do so simply because the U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement failed to deport them after serving their sentences. There are over 575,000 additional illegal aliens who have ignored orders to leave the U.S.

There are 780,000 convicted illegal aliens in jail or walking the streets of America. These 780,000 illegal aliens didn’t go to jail for jumping the border, working to feed their families, or refusing to leave. They went to jail for crimes against American citizens. They are rapists, murderers, robbers, home invaders and drug dealers. Each of those 780,000 prisoners and convicted felons committed crimes against U.S. citizens. How many of them are carrying weapons to be used against the innocent while the U.S. government prosecutes U.S. citizens for carrying weapons to protect themselves? In Total there are at least 1,855,000 foreign criminals within America’s borders. We have enough domestic talent.

Do we need to import millions more?

Why were they allowed to be here in the first place? It’s because of lack of enforcement of our immigration laws by yellow city councils, prosecutors, judges, police chiefs, and a treasonous political will and cowardice. While some illegal aliens may have come with the benign intent of finding a job and working, it is against the law. Period. No ifs, ands, or picket signs, threats from the mythical (although illegitimate Hispanic vote), attempts to tug at the heart-strings by the 5th column media, and the parasitic Hispanic/Latino agenda constantly being forced down our throats.

Our politicians, along with illegitimate anchor baby infiltrators illegally elected to office wink. The cheap labor support network smirks. The American taxpayer incurs the costs, and sheds the blood. You would be shocked to discover the numbers of U.S. citizens victimized over the last 30 years because of a lack of will from the misleadership.

These are acts of domestic terrorism. Who would disagree?

With our border so wide you could drive Mexico through it, our liberal, political-correct, pass-the-buck system is not enforcing federal immigration laws. Arizona has taken the lead, and many other states affected by the tsunami are stepping up to the plate. At 680,000 and counting, American citizens have been continuously victimized by illegal aliens. Our politicians are ignoring it for fear of being labeled racist.

Political cowardice and the cults of “multiculturalism and diversity” paralyze our law enforcement agencies. The hateful, separatist National Council of La Raza, the ACLU, LULAC, MeCHA, the SPLC, impetuous liberal college radical thinkers, anchor babies loyal to Mexico, and all socialist consequential anguished groups are the problem. Some cities in America led by perverted despots have established “sanctuary” policies to pacify the illegally elected anchor baby infiltrators in their ranks to subscribe to the deaths of U.S. citizens because illegal aliens are their compatriots.

With constant coercion by the racist illegally elected Luiz Guttierez, the National Council of The Race, and all of the usual suspects for amnesty, our President and Congressional double-crossers push for a pathway to citizenship for criminals to give the Democrats tens of millions of instant voters with the reward of benefits. They will be encouraged to bring their extended families.

Would it not be civil to allow millions upon millions of lawbreakers to partake in the American dream while forcing it’s language, culture, third world standards, asperity, low-wage standards, fraud of our 14th Amendment, hate, racism, and criminal actions against us while simultaneously plotting demographic warfare, soaking up our resources, and leading the future of this nation to nothingness?

I concur…


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